I created a Web Extension

This is my first Web Extension ever, It took some time figuring out how to actually develop one, as its quite different than just making a web-page.

This first extension is pretty basic, just so I can learn and see what is possible.

Link to github repo: https://github.com/IpsumLorem16/Simple-IP-Camera-Viewer

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Animated SVG Cyberpunk logo (with filters)

See the Pen Cyberpunk animated SVG logo {fork} by IpsumLorem16 (@ipsumlorem16) on CodePen.

Try holding down the mouse-button, and clicking/hovering over the logo.

In this post I will describe how I used SVG filters, CSS and GSAP to create my own version of the animated cyberpunk logo.

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Animated SVG loading Icons

I have very little experience working with SVG on the web so far. I thought this would be a good way to dip my toe in and try to learn a little. So here is my take on the ubiquitous three dots loading Icon…

A bunch of inline SVGs, animated with CSS (I still haven’t decided which I want to use):

See the Pen SVG CSS Loading Icons (dots) by IpsumLorem16 (@ipsumlorem16) on CodePen.

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Scraping public amazon s3 buckets with python

Security credentials, personal data, user data, and business information is often publicly exposed in leaky buckets.

Not all objects in the buckets are necessarily public, you can have a mix of access control rules for each one. With hundreds/thousands being private. Checking each of them would be extremely tedious / impossible for a single person. That is why I created this tool to do it for you.(well me, but I am sharing it here)

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