This is my first Web Extension ever, It took some time figuring out how to actually develop one, as its quite different than just making a web-page.

This first extension is pretty basic, just so I can learn and see what is possible.

Link to github repo:

What the hell is it?

It’s an IP camera viewer. Clicking the toolbar icon opens a new page and allows you to view your security camera in the browser:

Screenshot of the IP Camera viewer addon

It takes in a link to an image URL for the IP camera, and will repeatedly fetch and load it onto the page. Either a JPG snapshot, or MJPEG stream will do.

The features are basic, like I said. You can:

  • Go full-screen. Unlike a lot of the default viewers within the cameras own webpage.
  • Download a snapshot instantly. By pressing the camera button (with the date and time as the filename, down to the second).
  • View a MJPEG stream. Make sure you select the ‘MJPEG’ option (it will still work if you don’t activate it, the option just stops it reloading the MJPEG over and over, and allows it to be paused in the viewer.).
  • Know you are looking at the latest snapshot. Network error! It will overlay a warning that it was unable to fetch a new image.


    I made this to learn how to make web-extensions, and to test if it is possible to do certain things.

    It allows me to see if the other web apps I created will work as an addon. (Web-extensions have less restrictions than webpages).

    This is a basic(er ) version of what I have been developing for some time. I have in the works a multi-camera viewer with many more tools and options built in.

    Come and get it (if you want)

    Do you find it frustrating to use the IP cameras built in viewer (if it even has one)?

    It is so easy to click on the wrong thing and change a setting by accident. They often have bad UI with too many buttons everywhere.

    Simple players like this are also good for setting up for others not technically minded. With no fear of pressing something wrong and borking the camera.

    It available as a Firefox addon, and has no ads or paywall. Click below to go the official page.